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Earlier this summer I photographed two of the sweetest people to walk the face of the earth: Colin & Caroline. I'll admit I'm a pretty sarcastic person. And more often than not my couples dish it right back to me. I've shot weddings for lively, outgoing, spitfire personalities with wild, outrageous, raise the roof, dance-until-you-drop receptions. But when I arrived at Colin & Caroline's wedding I found a perfectly graceful Caroline waiting for me, already dressed, flowers in hand, with a beaming smile on her face. She was the kind of Jane that makes Lizzy Bennets jealous. 'How can you be so perfect?!" I thought to myself. Because she was. And Colin, well, he treated her like he knew it. A complete gentleman, I would turn around to see him helping her down off a step or slipping his hand around her waist for support. Together they approached their wedding like I wish more people would: gracefully, thankfully, and full of sincerity. And then I met their family and friends. Everyone! Everyone was so kind, so thoughtful, so genuine. I look back at this wedding and I can't help but feel lucky to have just been there. So, Colin & Caroline, if you're reading this, thank you. Thank you for letting me get a glimpse into your very special, very kind, very loved lives. 

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(Many thanks to Rachel for assisting me on this wedding! Many of her photos made this post.)