Sara & Christian

"Lydia is the best of both worlds: a creative artist and a personable, engaging professional...She is a seasoned artist who excels at her craft. She blended into the background but managed to capture EVERYTHING in a breathtaking way. She kept everyone laughing during portraits and family shots...I would recommend her both as a friend and human being (she is so fun to be around!) AND as a photographer. In her hands, all you need to do is focus on living in every moment of your wedding day--because trust me, you'll get to relive it all (and it will be 10x more beautiful!) when you get your photographs."

Sarah & Jordan

"I felt like I found a like-minded soul when I first found Lydia's site. From her candid style photography and breathtaking edits I was instantly in love. When I look back at the photos on my wedding day it's better than I could have ever imagined. I feel like I'm there all over again. She caught every emotion etched on everyones face and I couldn't ask for anything more. I would change some things about my wedding but if I could tell anyone to do just one thing it would be to hire Lydia as your photographer, with that I have zero regrets. She is responsive and fun and I legitimately was so happy to have her be a part of the most intimate parts of our day."


Jamie & Randy

"We absolutely LOVED having Lydia Jane as our photographer. She is the only girl I considered hiring and I was so glad she was available for our date. She traveled a far, far distance to attend our wedding and had an exhausting day of travel to get here! However, she was in good spirits the WHOLE wedding day. She was a blast to work with. When we received our images, we loved the quality, the colour, the moments captured. So many moments we forget even happened and Lydia gave us the gift of "remembering" for years to come. We love Lydia Jane! You will not be disappointed."