hello, my name is lydia

I'm a photographer by trade but a storyteller at heart. My approach to photography is greatly influenced by my upbringing in an artist family. Some of my earliest memories are sitting cross-legged on the floor looking through my mom's art history books while my dad recited chapter after chapter of 'Little House on the Prairie' from the couch.

While art and story have influenced me and my work greatly, my love for photography is grounded in my love for people. I've traveled the world with my camera, from the ivory alps in Switzerland to the crisp blue bay in Cape Town, but nothing has moved me quite like the flickering story behind someone’s eyes.

I'm a red lipstick wearing redhead, loud laugher, chronic people watcher, and frequent traveler. I think music should be heard live and hugs given generously. Most of all, I believe everyone has a story to tell and it's my greatest honor to be entrusted with documenting those stories with my camera. I promise to bring my 10+ years of professional photography experience and pour my heart into telling your story authentically and beautifully. 

I can't wait to hear from you!