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A couple weeks back I took a bus to New York City and enjoyed a beautiful evening with Jason and Weiling. I've been aching to visit my favorite city for a while now and dying to shoot there even more. And, my oh my, I could not have asked for a more adorable couple to photograph. Jason and Weiling are the kind of couple you may mistakenly judge as introverted or shy. But they are far from that. Jason is a master pun-maker. Weiling's smile is only surpassed by her laugh. Together they make one sweet, sassy, and ridiculously smart couple. I'm glad I get to photograph their wedding next year so we can hang out and talk about our cats again for hours. (Yeah…so what..!)

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In case you're confused, it wasn't a typo, this really really is Central Park. Didn't know there were waterfalls in NYC? Uhh, neither did I. Major kudos to J + W for scouting this location for me. It was pretty surreal spending the day in busy midtown and the evening in a waterfall oasis.

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