One week ago I photographed Caitlin & Michael in the sweet 'n small town of Brookeville. These two have been friends of mine for a while now. Caitlin, her twin sis Natalie and I faced good 'ol homeschool co-op together. Some of my best high school memories are times with Caitlin and Natalie. Caitlin, the more subdued twin, was always quick to crush your joke with a sarcastic comeback (she can still outwit me any day of the week). Nothing seemed to phase her. So it brought the world much pleasure when tomboy Caitlin fell for a certain boy named Michael. I remember taking a trip to New York City with Caitlin, Michael and a group of our friends. They held hands the entire time. It was a whole new side to my friend and I loved it. Caitlin and Michael have been together for 6 years now and early next Summer I will photograph their wedding. It's gonna be awesommmme.