(See Kristen + Caleb's fairly tale surprise engagement in Disney World here)

Writing this post is awfully surreal. It's actually here. My best friend's wedding. I wanted to properly write up a really sweet post full of old pictures of Kristen and I but now that I'm here there's NO WAY. I would be crying the whole time. You see, this girl has meant the world to me since we first became frenemies in middle school. That's right, Kristen and I were not best friends from day one. We were pudgy and awkward and read into everything the other said. But then the infamous day when Kristen says she "finally got me." I was changing a trash bag in the kitchen of her old Boxberry house. Don't ask. I don't get it either. But I'm glad it happened because she's been right by my side ever since. Through ups and downs and lots of tears over boys, fears, and the Montgomery County Fair (those were happy tears), my bestie Kristen Snyder has been one of my biggest supporters. And in two days it's her wedding day. A day she literally started planning in elementary school, if not before. It's going to be a day swollen with my-cheeks-hurt-I-can't-stop-smiling happiness. I can't even begin to say how excited I am. So with that I leave you with Caleb and Kristen. The only couple you'll see running through a field in heels and a tie and I'll wager the happiest almost married couple of all time.