A couple weeks ago I was at a wedding with my bestie Kristen and her beau Caleb and laawd have mercy the light was perfect. I had just photographed a full wedding day and could have slept forever but I think it's a sin to not eat up good sunset light when it comes. Sooo tired, blistered, and sweaty I dragged these two into a field and got some shots before the sun went down.

If you don't recognize these two by now you must be blind. Kristen is my bestie for the restie and practically appears on this blog every other post. Also, in February I photographed her surprise engagement to Caleb in Disneyland. If you haven't seen that post yet get ready to cry!

I hope to get some not-so-spontaneous shots of these two before their wedding in August (which I will happily be attending as a bridesmaid not a photographer) so you know, stay tuned or whatnot. :)