It was Spring 2011 and Professor Calla Thompson was pairing up students for a documentary photography assignment. We would shadow this student for a week and photograph their daily life. It was just my kind of assignment and I was super excited. "I hope I get a good partner!" I thought as I reached to turn over the white sheet. At the top of the paper: Caitlin.

I looked up from the page and found Caitlin's eyes. "Eee!" It went something like that. I remember being slightly nervous. I had seen Caitlin's self portrait work online and, dang, she was a really good photographer. I noticed a certain pug made a lot of appearances in her photos as well. Maybe I'll get to meet Lola!

Meet Lola I did. And from then on it was fast friendship. Caitlin's quirky punk meets hipster style mixed with her soft laugh and loud Rammstein blasting from her car speakers kept me guessing. She made every day at school fun.

Pretty soon I started hearing stories of her boyfriend of five years, Justin. He was 6'5 and a ginger. Pshh! I needed to meet him immediately.

Justin jumped right into our group of friends from school. It's impossible not the like Justin. You can tell this from the amount of little kids that are hanging on him at any given time. He's the perfect mix of funny with sweet. There's no doubt he will love Caitlin until the end of time.

I think I began dreaming of Caitlin's wedding before she ever got engaged. I knew it would be incredible. And loord, my dream weren't kidding! It was remarkable.

Caitlin made all the boutonnieres herself! Yeaah girl.

I definitely teared up when Caitlin walked down the aisle. Good think she gave Justin hot red lips after the kiss to make me laugh again.

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of mismatched bridesmaids dresses. Not only can your personality come through but (surprise!) dresses are 100% more flattering when you can choose something that actually fits your body! Well done, Caitlin. (I'll get off my soapbox now)

And now I dare you not to smile.

I love this next series ever so much.

Caitlin & Justin's wedding was on Cinco de Mayo so there was plenty of color and yummy Mexican food (check out the delicious menu a few photos down!) I was especially in love with the table arrangements. Larissa kindly donated the vintage plates from her wedding for Caitlin to use. I think they fit the theme perfectly.

Isn't this dessert table to die for? 

Class photo kitty style! I love these people so much.

Perhaps the highlight of the day for me was watching Caitlin and Justin rock out to their favorite band Rammstein. Haha talk about untraditional wedding music. I loved every second of it.

Caitlin + Justin - You're finally married!! I'm so happy for you guys. Thanks for making my year and letting me photograph your wedding. Much love.

(Huge thanks to my friend and assistant Stephanie Ellis whose photos were featured in this post as well. You're the bomb. Thanks, girl.)