I'm blogging my brother's wedding photos. CRAZY. I can't get over this.

It all started when I kept noticing the saaame girl in all of Michael's Facebook mobile uploads. Michael is an amazing friend, but he doesn't normally take a million pictures with the same friend...or put his arm around them in every shot. ;) Sure enough the next time Michael came home from PA he couldn't stop talking about this girl named Jocelyn.

 I met Jocelyn for the first time last July and she just fit. I never thought any girl would be good enough for my incredible brother, but I accepted my defeat in Jocelyn. ;) She loves all of Mike's quirks and banters back and forth like a true Hartnett. And boy does Mike love this girl. I've never seen my brother smile so much in my life. And not just smile, but literally hop up and down! Kristen from I'm Kristen was the official photographer (thank you, bestie!) so that I could sit back and actually enjoy the wedding, but Mike and Joce did ask me to take a couple photos of them after the ceremony. It was my pleasure!

This next shot it a tribute to conceptual artist, John Baldessari. :)

Love this so much.

Mike gave Jocelyn West Side Story tickets the night he proposed to her. This next image reminds me of the scene where Maria and Tony have their mock-wedding.

Joce, I can't believe I finally have a sister now! And more than that, I love that you are her :) Mikey, I love you so much and I'm so happy you have found your soul mate. You guys are the best. See you soon!

Love, Lydia