Hello hello! I hope this Wednesday afternoon finds you in a happy place, or better yet on lunch break. ;) I just got back from a half day at school and I like the feeling. More time to think, create, and catch up on American Idol from last night. Anybody else think this season has a lot of great talent? I'm a huge Casey fan. Love that kid.

As a senior in college I've been doing a lot of looking back. Looking back at my first black and white photography class at community college where I first fell in love with the smell of developer and wet Ilford paper. Looking back at those random electives I took like "Media Appreciation" where we just watched movies the entire class time. Looking back on how I've learned to love the art of photography while running a photography business on the side that sometimes made me do homework in airports terminals to turn in to class the next day. I've really loved these past few years and I hope the next few will be just as lovely.

In the middle of this "looking back" business I also went through some of my old archives of photos and found a wedding that I absolutely loved from last year but never blogged! I second shot it with my bestie Kristen. She absolutely killed the photos so be sure to check out her post here. The following are my contributions. They are fairly simple photos, but I love each one of them for different reasons.