Happy 2011, readers! I'm almost finished preparing my next wedding but before I did that I wanted to post a little something from my most recent semester at college. Many of you were kind enough to say you would like to see some of my classwork so here we go!

For this assignment (in my Studio Photography class) we were asked to create 4 images that could be used in an advertisement for hats, belts, or shoes. I chose hats and immediately thought "Advertising...hats...MAD MEN." I'm in love with the show Mad Men and thought it would be crazy fun to do some head shots in honor of the show. Mad Men is set in the 60's and I didn't have a lot of access to 60's costumes so there's a little bit of 20's in there but heey you get the idea. I would also like to throw out there that I thought of this before I knew about the Victor Sizemore WPPI Mad Men inspired mentor session thaaaank you. ;)

The photos were taken using two SB 800 Nikon flash units, a corner in my basement, and a simple stool for my models to sit on. Oh, and four lovely friends who let me photograph them. Thanks, guys.