Mr. and Mrs. English (Boyds, MD)

Hellohello! I'm back in blog business to post a most beautiful wedding that took place at The Lodge at Little Seneca Creek in Boyds, MD. This was the last wedding I shot in the States before my trip overseas so it got a little lost in the shuffle, but boy, editing these photos for this post reminded me just how much I LOVED this wedding. The wedding party was so relaxed and fun and willing to jump in a creek for me! What more could a photographer ask for? Seriously. Enjoy!

One of my favorite groom reactions ever. I love how he's fiddling with his pocket. So sweet.
Aaand this is what he was looking at :) A pretty appropriate response if you ask me. Alisha, you looked stunning.

I really love this next photo. You know I have a weak spot for Degas-like poses and this one reminds me of his Bathers or Dancers series.

Gah, amazing location. These kids were champs for wading out into that water. Haha and I was knee-deep as well. Completely worth it though.

I really love kids at wedding receptions. The day is half over and they're a little bit crazy and hungry and not getting the attention they want. So, sometimes they do crazy climb the walls.

Alisha and her brother did a ridiculously awesome dance together. I love brides who aren't afraid to get dowwwn.

Congrats you two!