Happy Groundhog Day! and other things...

Today is my very favorite holiday of the year. I love that it's now 2010 in the United States of America and we have an entire day dedicated to listening to a groundhog predict the future. I thing that's incredible. Today, Punxsutawney Phil once again saw his shadow, which means 6 more weeks of winter. Or as NationalGeographic.com says, "Regardless of the weather prediction on Groundhog Day, Phil "speaks" to his human caretakers, known as the Inner Circle, in Groundhogese and tells them his forecast. The Inner Circle then translates Phil's words for the world to hear--or so they say." Hahah, I'm not really sure this holiday could be any more "me". I think it's brilliant. It's definitely the most ridiculous holiday and therefore my absolute favorite.

(photo credit: National Geographic)

In other news, I am incredibly honored to be featured in the most recent issue of the Utterly Engaged ezine. Amelia Lyon, Max Wanger, and Jasmine Star among many other amazing photographers are also featured in this issue so I am very honored indeed. 

Check out the full issue of the e-magazine here. It features the lovely Mr. and Mrs. Gallo wedding from last March.