Mr. and Mrs. Brown

I've had my fair share of eventful weddings. Whether it's the rainy weather like at the Poe wedding or locking myself in the stairwell of the church building while I was second-shooting another wedding (haha true story), there always seems to be something that keeps me on my toes while I'm shooting. Greg & Mary's wedding two weeks ago was (unfortunately) no exception. I was exactly 10 minutes away from Capitol Hill Baptist church driving in the pouring rain on N Capitol Street when I rear-ended the lovely car in front of me. Nobody was hurt, but needless to say I was a little shaken the rest of the day. Thankfully, the wedding was an absolutely beautiful one and I'm so glad I could still shoot it!

I'd met the groom, Greg, for the first time this past January at the Berrus wedding. He was very gentlemanly and even drove me to my car after the wedding so I wouldn't have to walk the few blocks in the dark by myself. And let me tell you, Greg is very very much in love with Mary. Their first look was one of the sweetest things I think I've ever seen. It had only been 30 minutes since I crashed into the back of a car, but I had completely forgotten about the accident. I remember photographing through the glass on the balcony with tears rolling down my cheeks thinking "THIS is why I do what I do."

Greg and the boys.

Now for something about Mary (sorry, I couldn't resist). I hadn't met her before her wedding day so I can't give you a "after a life time of knowing her" speech, but I can tell you that I know she is a wonderful person and very faithful friend. The variety of people at the wedding she had an impact on from married couples to little kids was incredible. I've never been to a wedding where so many people greeted her with happy tears after the ceremony at the receiving line. They were so happy for her! Mary also has the most adorable laugh ever. :D It was something I heard on many occasions throughout the day and I loved it.

Yay, for the Capitol!

Back at the church, the groomsmen kept themselves busy before the ceremony.

I also love the cute kids that CHB always has at their weddings. Seriously, I could do an entire blog post with the photos I've taken of the babies and kids during their ceremonies. Too cute!

The tearful receiving line. It was so sweet.

And now for my favorite moment of the day. Greg and Mary were determined to take some photos outside (my kind of couple!) so we waited until the rain eased up a bit and rushed down the street for some photos. But just as we stepped outside the car it started POURING. Honestly, harder than it had rained all day. But I think it made for the best photos ever. A huge thanks to Megan, my second-shooter, for getting soaked while holding an umbrella over me!

At the reception we took some more photos under roofs.

This next photo reminds me of Pride & Prejudice somehow. I know you can't see it but the rain was still falling and it was so peaceful.

Greg & Mary, thank you for having me. I loved your wedding and I hope you see you two at the next CHB wedding!