Hey long time no see! Sorry 'bout that. Life came at me fast as soon as I came home from my trip and I've had a hard time catching up.

But I still wanted to post about my last stop on my trip: Gilbert, Arizona. :) Gilbert is home to one of my lovely friends Andrea and her family. I spent four relaxing days at her house, eating at yummy restaurants, watching movies and plays, and laughing a whole lot. While I LOVED my time in California, it was quite the adventure (losing my suitcase every other day, etc) so I definitely enjoyed finally kicking my feet up... quite literally.

Gilbert was just about the sweetest little place I've ever been. So family friendly and I think "Joe" owns the whole place. Or at least every restaurant I went to was a Joe's something! Haha.

Andrea, Luz, and I at lunch on my second day.

Another thing I didn't realize before coming to Arizona is that the whole place is one big grid. It's ridiculously easy to navigate compared to D.C. So when Andrea let me borrow her car Friday I enjoyed heading out in one direction and actually finding my way back sans maps or GPS. (And yes, I did just use the word "sans" in a sentence. Score.)

Andrea's house was so lovely. It felt like home to me. Except it was also 90 degrees and there were palm trees visible from the backyard hammock. Yeah, we don't have any of those things back home. :P

The last day there I photographed Andrea's family. :) They made me laugh so hard squinting through the bright sun to smile for the camera. Thankfully, I found some shade so they could actually see me and we could get a few shots. And don't they look good together?

But this post wouldn't be rightfully finished without a HUGE thank you to Andrea herself. Andrea is my more organized, administrative, savvy self. :)

She always has a plan and a way of accomplishing that plan, but it's never all about her. She is so selfless. Andrea flew me out to AZ from LA and would have paid for every meal and bit of entertainment had I not stopped her! She had a full week of work, but wanted to make sure I felt rested and had fun so she went over and beyond what was necessary.

I love this girl so much. I love that she's smart and mature and yet ridiculously silly. I'm not sure I could keep a straight face around her if I tried because she is so full of joy.

So, I'm ESPECIALLY happy when God blesses people like her. And that He did! Just one week after I left Gilbert, Andrea got engaged!!!

(photo credit: zach & andrea)
I wish I could say my wedding photography spirit brings couples together...but, haha, no. Thankfully it's even better than that! Andrea and her boyfriend Zach had been together for a while and liked each other for even longer. We all knew it was coming soon, but this was a real happy surprise! Check out her blog for the full storyyyy.

Miss Andrea, I love you and can't wait to Lord-willing photograph your WEDDING!! AHH! Much, much love.