what I've been up to

Hey there! Wow, school must really be back in session because I haven't been updating much. I do have a wedding this weekend though so that will be on here soon! YAY for weddings. I've missed them.

I used to blog a lot about my life in general, but since I've gotten more jobs that hasn't been my focus. However, I have decided in this winter season of less weddings and other photo jobs I will give you an update on...me!

Confession, I like winter. My friends kind of hate this about me, but I'd really, really rather be cold than hot. I'm not beachy, or sporty, or overly outdoorsy. So while I LOVE the freedom and feel of summer (and the fair, of course!), I prefer the weather of winter. It's been a funny winter in Maryland so far. There's been some snow and lots of cold, but mostly weird ice storms and so on. The few times it has snowed however, I have eaten it up. Quite literally.

I'm also in love with New York City. I don't care if that's cliche to say, I'll say it over and over. NYC is just my kind of place. Busy and urban and artsy and just oh so lovely.

I went in October with a couple of friends to see my friend Janice as the lead in a off-broadway show, and then again in January with my church small group.

The second time it was snowing. Aaahh! Snow and NYC put together?! I think I was grinning all day long.

Another big thing right now is that my dearest, dearest friend Emily is getting married! I'm honored to be one of the bridesmaids and I'm so enjoying "helping" Em plan her wedding. Wow!

Oooh what else, what else. I'm back in school again. It's my last semester at community college before transferring to a university. So, I'm excited about that! I'm taking odd subjects like bio and tennis too. Not me at all so it should make for a good laugh or too.

Speaking of laughs, I have them all the time. I don't know whether this time in my life just calls for extra humor because as you get older things are just so serious or what, but I've been laughing a lot this past week.

This one YouTube video has me nearly in tears every time I watch it. OH goodness it's too good!

And stuff like this when I went to go see a movie with my brother today. Notice anything wrong? Um yeah, somebody tore off a Jonas brother's head! Hahaha.

Aaaand just to make this VERY clear - I did not know Kristen was going to be doing this exact kind of post when I wrote this. Hahah. I guess we still have "bff moments" across the country :) Goodness I miss her.

That's all this time, folks! Check back soon for wedding photos. :)

ps: I should have been born in the 80s....wait, I was.