4 Things

Miss Kristen Leigh tagged me. :)

SOoo here we go.

Four (4) things I did today…

1- I went to college! I had three classes today: Anthropology, History of Technology + Culture in the Western World (yeeeah it's a mouthful!), and Nutrition. And don't look too hard at that Nutrition test in the photo...it's nothing impressive. Haha.

2- Went shopping for Christmas-y things and made a friend :D I love, LOVE stuffed animals. It's something not a lot of my friends understand, but really they make life so much better. They're fluffy and soft and listen to you when you really need somebody to talk to.

3- Got a new contract in the mail from Bev & Jason for their January wedding! I love reading new contracts.

3- Had a very yummy cup of Vanilla Apple White tea.

4 - Watched this interview with a 9 year old boy named Alec Graven who wrote a book called "How to Talk to Girls" and laughed and laughed. :D You MUST watch it. My favorite part is:
"You have to make sure you have a friend that doesn't try to take the girl you like. You know how friends tell each other um, like secrets and stuff. Well if you told them about your crush, they could either blab it to the whole world or they could um, get into the girl's secrets and what they like and they could like swipe the girl and take her away, and you're like...umm where'd you go?"

Four (4) things on my to do list…

1- Plannn my weekend and when I'm going to study for finals (in one week! ahh!)

2- Edit senior photos and wedding photos

3- Keep singing Christmas music :D

4- Respond to some emails

Four (4) of my guiltiest pleasures…
1- Texting. It usually starts with Kristen in the morning and then whoever I think of/see something funny and have to show them a picture of, etc. I've also started doing this thing when I'm bored of going through my phone contacts and texting old friends I haven't talked to in a while. It's really fun and more personal that Facebook stalking them, at least in my opinon ;)

2- Sleep. I kind of take a nap every day. Being a college student with odd hours I sort of give myself an excuse for doing it, but it's really awful of me.
3- Shopping at Forever 21. It's one of the only places I shop now I'm starting to look like a Forever 21 model...only not size 0. Haha. Last week when I went to NYC for the day I shopped at the two-story Forever 21 there. It was heaven.

4- I'm in love with Jim & Pam from The Office. I unashamedly watch fan videos, go on fan-sites, and pretty much cried when Jim proposed this season. Kristen and I are currently fighting over who gets to shoot their wedding. ;)

Four (4) random facts about me…
I'm obsessed with grey kittens. When I move in February I'm getting one and calling him Moose. But seriously, I love them. And recently I've been watching tons of YouTube videos with them. This is one of my current favorites. Caaaaan you GET any cuter?

2- I doodle like it's my job. I do it while I'm on the phone, while I'm taking notes in class, or at church on Sundays. Sometimes they're just patterns, other times they're actually illustrations that help me remember what we talked about in class.

2- I'm missing nine teeth. For real. I had braces on for seven years and once I get my implants in my teeth will have cost as much as my college education....!
3- My favorite book AND movie is To Kill a Mockingbird. There's something just so timeless and special about the characters and the story is so powerful.

4- I wear Christmas socks year round. Who says you can't have a little Christmas spirit all throughout the year? :)

Four (4) people that I want to tag to pass this onto to hear more about...
Sarah Anne (Because her new layout is hooot and because she's awesome)
Rachel (Because I would laugh so hard at yours, I just know it)
3-Becca (Cause I love her? Yes, very much.)
4-Dsav & Neal (Because you will hate me for tagging you and his is my way of telling you guys to resolve your little posting feud and make a new post. Haha!)


And one more from dear Ange

-Go to your sixth picture folder then pick your sixth picture.

-Pray that you remember the details.
-Post it on your blog.

-Tag 5 others, leave a comment to let them know they’ve been tagged.

This one makes me laugh. This is Danny and I after an Acts rehearsal this summer, with Mrs. Mays (the director) in the background. Remarkably flattering of the both of us, I knooow. I can't really remember what we were laughing about, but I know Stacey took the photo and we were joking about something.

I tag: Kristen, Kristen, Kristen, Kristen, Kristen