Oh, Come, Let Us Adore Him!

dear readers,

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Christmas never gets old for me. I'm pretty sure I said "I love Christmas!" with a little sigh of happiness more than ten times yesterday. People have told me that I'll lose my excitement for Christmas as I get older, but honestly I don't see it happening any time soon. :) I love that in a busy world filled with people focused on themselves and their tasks, we can lay that all aside and take one day to slow down and focus on each other and most importantly focus on Jesus, the true meaning of Christmas. I love thinking about Heaven and what they do on Christmas - whether they celebrate with us or whether every day in Heaven is like Christmas. Seriously, just think about that. If Christmas is "heaven on earth" for me here, just imagine what Christmas would be like IN Heaven! Woow!

A friend asked me this recently what my favorite Christmas carol was. I think I told her O Holy Night, but since then I've realized that wasn't true. Last night as my church's Christmas Eve service I stood on stage I sang the lyrics to Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful and was floored. "Oh, come, let us adore him!" Not, oh come let us clap to him, come let us thank him, or even come let us praise him. It says ADORE. I want to adore Jesus. I want to flat out love and honor him more every Christmas. Jesus wasn't just a baby, he was my Savior, he IS my Savior.

Come, let us adore him!

With love,
Lydia Jane