Hellloooo first week of Fall! I'm not sure if you readers are all aware of this, but autumn is my love. I absolutely adore this season. I love the smell of the crisp autumn air, the sound of crunching leaves, and the cozy feeling of my favorite scarf wrapped around my neck. I love taking photos in their weather, I love driving in this weather, I love staring at my window procrastinating in this weather. Fall just fits me...literally. If you looked at my closet you'd notice I only buy fall clothes - I just try and make them work in the summer when it gets warmer ;)
ANYways, as much as I love that fall's here, I can't pay all my attention to it without paying a due tribute to this amazing summer I just had. This was the last summer in the house I've lived in all my life. It was bittersweet but OH so fun!
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You've already seen my fair photos (which is a major summer highlight), but there were some more special things that happened too. Sooo here's an itty bitty recap:

The power went out for 24 hours. A first in our little neighborhood. So Mike and I did dances to waste the time....
Kristen came over that night and in the eerie dark of evening without any electricity she received probably the happiest text ever. It was Julie, one of our dear friends, texting her about her first date with her boyfriend, James, also a friend of ours. I loved watching Kristen text back almost in tears of happiness. Let's just say, we'd been waiting for this one to happen for a looooooong time.
I made a couple surprise visits to see Sylvie at the nursery she worked at. :)

I also visited my new house with Sylvie, Lindsay, and my bffs Courts & Kristen. We explored the backyard in dresses. It was way fun.

In mid-July I went to the beach with my church small group (aka caregroup...or in this case "klessgroup"). We had waaaay too much fun. It was ridiculous. My favorite part was posing in a cheesy khakis family portrait together. We rock.

Here's Kristen and I rocking the 1995 J.C. Penny's look.

Late August I went as Admin to Worthy '08, my church's youth retreat. This is always a highlight for me and this year was NO exception. It was definitely my favorite youth retreat I have been to and I wasn't even one of the youth! God was so present and met the kids and us Admin so wonderfully.

(^pc: brittany kauflin)

Just a week after the retreat I performed in Acts, a musical on the New Testament book of Acts in the Bible. See my post "Majesty" for more about how God met me. To make a long story short: I was majorly amazing. I love each of this people in this photo below so so so much. They became my second family and I miss them dearly!

(^both pc: brittany kauflin)

The closing night of the show was the BANG! that ended my summer. My second year at college started a few days later and I've been loving it, but obviously wish I could have a liiittle bit of summer back too. Summer with Autumn weather, of course. :)