Last Friday I did a senior photo shoot for one my good friends, Josh. Josh is one of those people who can make anything fun and memorable, so I was very happy to do a quick last minute shoot for him. I add the "last minute" part in there to explain why I was back at the old barn I used for the Lackey family's photos. I'd rather not return to a location I've shot at before because I feel like it doesn't challenge me creatively, but I didn't have a choice this time. :)

BUT I'm happy I did now because that places changes every time I go back there! Oh and it definitely gets creepier and creepier with time, so if not challenged creatively I was definitely challenged to keep myself together and not get all shivery. You seriously start hearing things move around or shuffle across the floor if you listen to hard. Freeeeaky.

Josh, thanks for getting right in there with the wasps and clearing a view for my camera and then realizing "oops that was def poison ivy..." Oh, and for making my life by wearing your cap and gown. You're a good twin.