Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan

Last month I helped Kristen shoot two weddings in one weekend, but I never posted the second one! So, here it is: one of the happiest weddings I've been to in a while. Christy, the bride would NOT stop beaming. It was impossible to shoot one frame of her without grinning.

But they weren't just vacant smiles. My whole soul was poured into those smiles because I dearly love that girl. I've known the bride, Christy, for many years and she has been such an amazing encouragement to me. I remember my first mission's trip to Mexico as a youth ministry in my church - I was scared out of my mind. It was my first big trip away from home and pretty much missed my mom. Everything was hitting me at once and I think everyone noticed, only Christy actually did something about it. I remember her taking me on a walk outside and just letting me blurt everything out. Funny enough, she made sitting on the curb in Juarez, Mexico one of my highlights of that trip. Her provoking questions and encouragement were so perfect.

So, on this day I was so incredibly grateful to God for bringing such a great guy like Shaun into her life and for letting me witness their happiest day together. It was perfect!