Spring Break Recap!

Hello friends! So, this week is going to be crazy awesome with two lovely weddings that I can't wait to assist with Kristen - BUT that also means I'm going to be busy and not blog so I decided to do my Spring Break recap post now :)

This Spring Break has probably been the busiest break of my LIFE. I was out and about cruising in my car or with friends every second. It was crazy, but so nice. I loved it. I knew it was going to be awesome when Monday I looked at my Google homepage and this is what it showed...

Technically my break started last Friday with my dear new D200 making his first cameo at Joseph rehearsal and when he met Sylvie on Friday night. He grabbed a few shots of her, but so did my phone video camera. This is how I saw Sylv for the first time - she had just arrived home and I thought I'd try something different than the "welcome home!!" approach. Instead, I caught her in the act of being her cute piano playing self:

Oh and we can't forget when Stephen reenacted his famous retreat shot at Joseph rehearsal!

Sunday I got to hang out with my Philly friend, Alyce Harvey, and Monday I got lots of work done around the house and then relaxed the day away. Tuesday was a big highlight for 2 reasons:

1. KG
2. KG

Yep! Tuesday is my favorite day of the week because I means I get to go to the BEST caregroup ever, the Kless group. This Tuesday was especially special because I went to KG at noon and had lunch with Becca and then just stayed to do hw until the rest of the caregroup came at 6:30 for dinner. For those who don't know, the KG has dinner together before each caregroup so that we can hang out and tell stories about our day.

Tuesday on Spring Break was a great highlight in the KG tuesday dinners because Jon, Jenni, and Carson Smith came too! It was Jon's birthday so Becca made a lovely cake and Kristen and I decorated it. :) Carson enjoyed blowing out the candles.

It was also Caitlin's first KG! Yeeeah!

After dinner, Jon lead us in a bible study together - but not before we rocked two rounds of Mafia. The last one was the most hilarious Mafia game I've ever seen. The detective, doctor, and all the boys were killed so it was between a handful of girls and two mafia to finish the game and it would just NOT end! SO much screaming and flailing of arms occurred that it can only be explained in a series of photos - words just cannot suffice.

(credit: andree?)

I also beat Jon and Andree (by one pin!!) in Nintendo Wii. This was a very big moment for me seeing that I win like...never. I also beat a record. Oooh yeah, who's awesome now??

Wednesday was Georgetown and babysitting. Of course you've seen all the fun Georgetown shots. It wasn't always pretty, believe me. Here are a couple you didn't see:

Thursday we surprised Andree for his birthday waaaay to early in the morning (Neal was in charge) - but it was a success! We all hid in the back room of the bookstore (where Andree works) and hid our birthday cards around the streamer-covered room.

(credit - kristen)

Waiting for 5 minutes in the dark for Andree to finally come in the room was awesome, but the real highlight was Story time with Bryce aka as "Bryce Meets Girl" Yep, while we were all hiding and doing the normal surprise party things, Bryce was reading Boy Meets Girl by Josh Harris.

Then Andree finally came....

...and we paraded up to the church office break room to make waffles :)

Finally, Thursday afternoon I went over to the Kauflin's house and Brittany made Sylvie, Stacey, and I a DELICIOUS lunch!

And so today is Friday and I need to get some sleep before the wedding madness this weekend! What a refreshing blessing this week has been! Thank you my Lord, my Savior, and my Father for giving me such amazing friends and family. I love them. And I love you, Lord.