Now I can't wait to see you agaaain...

So, I live in Gaithersburg, MD like 40 min away from the capitol of the United States right? And how often do I go to D.C? Umm not enough. I really do love D.C and seeing that I'm spring break it's the perfect time to do some adventure seeking and photoshoot-ing. So yesterday Kristen and I took dearest Courtney out for a belated birthday gift to Georgetown! I love it when Kristen drives because we always get lost, but end up making an even better memory while we're at it.

"7 mi to Mt. Vernon? Daingersfield Island? Pshhyea, lets go!"
"But why are they shiny? Ahhh you have 80's leggings!!!"
"I feel bad for old men walking. They're so alone!"
"Do those runners have like...a life?"
"Oh my, big dog." - "It's a German Sheperd." -"K, thanks."
"Why do I feel like I'm in a closet? Hellloooo. See?!?"

Happy Birthday, Courts! I love you, Turtle-Grandma-Powerpoint!!!

(credit - kristen)

(credit - courts)

(credit - kristen)

oh and...
Don't believe me? Just IMDB him. I didn't notice him until I showed my photos to my brother and he was like "Um, Lydia, that's Ken Burns the famous documentary maker." It was a completely blind shot from my hip trying to show Kristen how much the guy on the right looked like older Andy Bernard from the Office (just a little bit!) and so I didn't even think to look to the left! Crazy!