"In west philadelphia born and raised"

I love my caregroup. We pretend to be each other ("I, um, have animals. Hamsters? Yeah, I probably have one of those"), meet early just to eat Quizno's, down jars of pickles, go to Waffle Houses, and all have secretly watched Fresh Prince of Bell-Air? ;) We also have the two best caregroup leaders ever. Andree and Becca are so much fun and I'm already benefiting from their wisdom after just a few meetings! (Yeah it should be more than a few...where was I again that one time? Haha.)

Last week we ended early to go to an undisclosed location to pray for Becky before she left for school. Upon arriving we discovered it was the Waffle House! Scoooore. Here are some photos for you all and those in the CG who weren't able to make it (Kristen, Katie, Ellen, and DJ).

Love you, Becky! We'll be praying for you!

(photo credit for group shots: self-timer and a nice Waffle House waitress)

Oh! Almost forgot.
This is Dronkey. He's half dragon, half donkey. He's also a very important part of our caregroup. He sits beside me every caregroup and behaves very well. He's my friend.

Courtney and Bryce playing with Dronkey.
The End. :)