i'll miss her

Goodbye to my dear friend, Dill Pickle Kristen Leigh.
She's off to Chicago to intern with the lovely Sarah Anne for a month and this is my little tribute post.

Kristen, I've made you a happy Chicago Mix ("Daaanger") and wrote you a card and gave you a book "Just for you" so let me just post a few pictures to remind you to come back, silly face! Don't get any ideas of camping out in the windy city, we still have to have taco nite. Mmm, yes. So come back. Love you, Pickleigh!

The cleaning years. I we did open-mouth smiles even back then??

One of the only early pix I like of us because it's so far away you can't see my ugly face, question mark? Haha, oh Mexico.

The TV is my favorite part...self-timer cropping is beautiful.

Hello mustached one! Remember how I toilet papered myself? I loved that class. :D

if there ever was a "meh" picture, this would be it. Meh.