Montgomery County Fair

This Monday I missed Lindsay and Sylvie a lot. They are both going to school farther than 10 minutes away (like the rest of us. hah) so I helped them dorm room shop at Target and make sure Lindsay didn't get swallowed in Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We had all hoped to go to the annual Montgomery County Agricultural Fair that night but we were so exhausted from comparing laundry basket and tv table prices it didn't look in the realm of possibility.

This is when Noah the love-bird comes in. Noah is one of my favorite parts about Lindsay's house, besides her family of course. :) Noah does not like to be "shhhh"ed. In fact, whenever Noah hears anyone udder a word beginning with "SH" he chirps. It's probably the cutest thing you'll ever seen. We played tug-of-war with a ballpoint pen. I love him. Anyways, Noah cheered us up and made up happy again and we decided to go to the fair after all....

...okay, so it didn't go quiet exactly like that but for the sake of time we'll keep it that way. (Yeah, you guessed it, I just really wanted to include of photo of him.)

Linds and Sylv

We met up with lots of other friends and hung out mostly around the rides and games area. That's the most fun at night - the colors and lights are AMAZING!

After finding our other friends, I payed a silly $4 to ride my favorite ride probably ever. The Swings. And I must say, the Swings at the MoCo Fair are THE best. They so so fast and keep you on there for like 5 minutes. Seriously so much better than any other "theme park."

And yes, Neal and my purse. Briliant. I didn't tell him it was mine for a couple of minutes just because it was more fun that way.

Say cheese! Linds and Sylvie, I'm going to miss you girls ever so much! Thanks for making this year's fair so wonderful. I love youuuuu!