Kristen + Jason ; A Wedding In Kauai, HI ; Photos by Lydia Jane Photography (

Since I just blogged their engagement session in Seattle it seemed like the perfect time to post Kristen and Jason's wedding in Kauai! This wedding was arguably one of the most eventful weddings in the history of weddings. It seemed like all the odds were against Kristen and Jason, including an officiant that forgot Kristen's name during the ceremony (look for Kristen's uncontrollable giggles during the vows). On top of that, it rained all morning long, the caterer was hours late, and flying termites swarmed the reception. May 18, 2014 provided all the ingredients to ruin a wedding day. But Kristen and Jason handled it like champs. They quickly rose above the nonsense and learned to laugh at the mishaps. By the end of the day I couldn't help but feel like their wedding day only proved that they were perfect for each other. I've never been more proud of my clients! And we can all joke about the termites now, thank God. Enjoy Kristen and Jason's destination wedding in the ever beautiful Kauai, Hawaii!