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This weekend the doors of my so-not-East-Coast house were opened once again to celebrate the coming of my bestie Kristen's baby boy this Summer! You may recognize her face from the many times she's graced my blog, especially this past year for her engagement at Disney World, her engagement photos here & here, and her bridal shower. I like to make her feel really bad for milking her friends' party throwing skills for everything they're worth, but in reality I've loved it :) If you're going to throw a bunch of parties for someone there's no better person than your best friend.

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The theme of her baby shower was "whimsical, vintage garden party" with a baby boy twist. We went pretty modern for her bridal shower so Janet, Becca, and I wanted to do something different this time around. It might not be the most distinct "It's a boy!" baby shower but that's not what we were going for. We wanted something something tasteful. Something fresh, childlike, and reminiscent of Spring. Because, honestly, there's nothing worse than a tacky baby shower.

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Becca and Janet killed it in the food department. I'm notoriously hands off when it comes to the food (decor is definitely more of my department) so they get all the credit for the delicious noms.

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One of my favorite elements to create and display was the little animal figurines. I collected them from a local thrift shop and spray painted them for a colorful twist.

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Becca made the beautiful doily garlands.

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A free .pdf template (with a few tweaks) served as advice card from the guests to Kristen.

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Delicious Shirley Temples were among the beverages of choice.

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These group shots make me so happy. I love you girls.

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Miss Jamie Delaine flew all the way out from Vancouver to visit Kristen and attend the shower. So glad you could be at this one, friend! (check out Jamie's recap here)

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I love you Miss KsnydMor :) I caaaaaannot wait for sweet baby boy to be here so I can smother him with Aunt Lyd kisses. I love you!