It's beautiful here.
I'm exhausted beyond reason, but it's so beautiful I don't care.
I just finished shooting Andrew and Carissa's wedding and I officially want to fly all my East Coast couples out here to photograph them. My head, my camera, even the actions in photoshop I use all work better with California light! It's incredible! But that's not what made this wedding today amazing. It was Andrew and Carissa. I'm in love with them. The End.

Only not really because I'm going to be posting a awesomely big long post about them tomorrow. At one point during the reception I lost all feeling in my body I was so happy. That miiight have had to do with the jet lag, dehydration, lack of food, or high heels, but it wasn't a painful loss of feeling. It was pure bliss. I loved, loved, loved today. I want to do photography until the day I die if it means I might be able to feel this way again some time in my life. That's how good it feels. I love California, I love weddings, I love Love.