a happy discovery

I love vintage cameras. Even if I don't use them as often as my digital, I love hanging them around my room to let the world know that I'm a camera geek. This Christmas my mom gave me my first Polaroid and soon after I bought an adorable yellow Holga. My dream was always to own my own Twin-Lens Reflex camera, but I didn't want to push my luck. ;) These two would have to do for now.

But it was always in the back of my head. I'd seen the TTV (through the viewfinder) tricks people had done with their TLRs and I loved it. Plus, it didn't help that my mom said that she once owned one and couldn't remember where on earth she put it. Actually, she more than owned one, she shot all her weddings as a wedding photographer with it! Firstly, yes my mom was also a wedding photographer. Secondly, she used a Twin-Lens camera. Insane! If you're ever held one you'll know it's a pretty crazy heavy camera and not the most convenient portrait camera. I can't even imagine shooting a whole wedding with one.

But now we arrive at the present day. We're currently boxing up the house to move in 1 week, which means a lot of sorting and organizing. My mom's camera equipment cabinet has been covered for years by all sorts of Lego buildings my brother built on top of it. But the day had FINALLY come to unearth the cabinet door. Our family of 4 excitedly gathered around the door. Puuush we slid it open. And lo and behold! there sitting in the corner was my mom's old TLR camera. :)

He's beautiful. I love him.

We also found this photography guide book along with it. I just love it's awesome 1949 illustrations and photos.

The first line of the book goes, "From earth-jar to electricity, from cart to wheel to cyclotron--men's inventions have developed in crescendo through the ages." Well, if that's not an awesome way to start a book I don't know what is! (And I know you're just dying to Google "cyclotron". Do it, do it.)

But now I'm back to sorting and boxing. The "pod" that we're using to store our things in for the time being arrived today and we're enlisting lots of helpers to help us put everything in it tomorrow.

It's bittersweet finally moving after living in one place all 20 years of my life. Every square inch of this house holds a memory. And that's not an exaggeration. Today my brother and I sat on my deck reminiscing over all the things we'd done in our backyard over the years. We'd spend hours swinging on the swing set, ice skated when the ground froze over, filming movies under the trees, and buring action figures underground in very orderly lines like Egyptian tombs...actually, they're still there. We were hard core.

Just like this sunset. Sigh. I'm going to miss it right outside my window next to my desk every evening.