Fun at the Mud Puddle

It's pretty simple. Today at 10:15am I received an email from a certain someone that said "want to go to Frederick with me today?" And we did.

"You're being meean to mee!"
"Merge right." - "Why thank you, Bella!"
"Oh, I'm glad we just paid for parking back there. Now we'll have so much time to explore in this death weather!"
"If we were daredevils I'd be like 'Dare you to climb over that railing and walk across that really narrow pole thingy!' No no, Kristen you fool get down from there right now! Baaad! They'll call the...Frederick police on you!"
"Yes, a restaurant that's open! And it's all cute and under the road! Okay, nevermind creepy."
"Shoot we look like such tourists...let's sing a country song! We'll fit in now!"
"I feel like I'm in somebody's kitchen inside a house I'm not supposed to be in."
"Your boots do all the talking for you..."

Pickle-Head-Leigh-Snyder. I love you. :D
We don't have boyfriends to have an "Our Song" with, but I thought I'd put it on our post anyway cause we sound like way awesome singing this one together at the top of our lungs in your van-mobile. "rEAL slow!" Yeah baby.

the end.