Le Graduation

Soooo, then there was the graduation. Haha oh man, how fun was the rehearsal? So fun! Well, at least for me that is. I loved embracing the cheesiness and making jokes the whole way through. Sorry for being so distracting, guys. You only graduate highschool once. :D (as you can tell from the last post, I didn't put my |lydia jane| watermark on any of the images. That's because the photos I actually took are few and far between. Haha so let me just state here: I didn't not take the majority of these photos. Brittany K, Natalie, Katelyn S, Katie S, Kristen S, and my mommy did. So credit them!)

. the rehearsal .

. the graduation .

(Josh Harris graduated as an honorary graduate of the FSP class. He never wore a cap and gown and had his own ceremony so we let him do it with us once before everybody came to see the actual graduation. See him standing in the "short person" row in front there. ;) Haha.)

* * *
The following day (Sunday) Courtney, Kristen, and I had a graduation party together at the Snyders. We invited so many people and boy, was it packed!

matching headbands :)

Okay, so one of the mega highlights of the party - we rented a moonbounce. Awesome right?

Well not so much. Because within an hour of it's arrival it proceeded to die on us. Kristen, Courtney, and I were in it when it showed it's first signs of failure. ;) We didn't know that only 2 adults were supposed to jump at once so we caused the thing to collapse and pour water all over us (it was raining outside). Hahaha, oh man I haven't been that scared/entertained in a while.

ok so now onto the party....

* * *
And then it was off to the dozens of other graduation parties! Holding a camera and taking pictures while holding a slice of watermelon, plate of nachos, and cup of Dr. Pepper wasn't so easy...so I didn't take many photos. However, here are some shots from the Lindsay/Stephanie/Sylvie party at the Martin's farm! So much fun!

want tennis lessons? I've got Dorky Tennis 101 doooown. If you ever desire to look and act like a completely fool playing this sport you know where to reach me.

And then it was over, just like that. What a wonderful two weeks!!! Thank you Lord Jesus for such amazing friends and for graduation. Hello college. :)