Last Days of Highschool

Two weeks ago everything was a "last". Last time sitting on the couches in the morning, last time signing in and signing out, last time taking notes, last time sitting in a highschool desk, last time passing a note to Kristen, last time walking down the hallway a student of Covenant Life. It was amazing/sad.

Thursday was my last actual day at school, but Wednesday marked my last class with Mr. Bronson. Oh man. If it hadn't gone by so quickly I know I would have cried for sure. Mr. Bronson was my favorite high school teacher. There really isn't a way to describe why - he's just the best. Smart, hilarious, sincere, wise, godly, and caring. Mr. B - I'm going to miss you so much!

To celebrate our last class we had a talent show? Yeah whatever, now it doesn't make much sense but it was just another day in Mr. B's class then and we had hilarious fun.

the ladies.

"i know what it looks like!" -robby (as he proposes?)

(me reenacting the famous "nutmeg" incident a couple years back at a pick-up game)

oh neal, such form.

walking out. (thank britt for documenting!)

* * *
Our real last class was Mr. Sasser's Apologetics the following day. This class was the full period (unlike Wed where it's much shorter), inside, early, and had an in-class essay worth twice as much as any other assignment. Haha needless, to say we weren't quite as thilled. Right, Em? ;)

In all seriousness, Mr. Sasser has been an awesome teacher and I've really been challenged by his class this year. I've learned so much it's insane!

almost time to be finished with highschool forever!

and then it was over...I went upstairs and signed out for the last time...but not without writing a response to Josh Cooper's note of course. It was a tradition every Tuesday and Thursday to write a short note beside each other's name. Eventually we thought it clever to make a star and write on the back. Such dorks we were.

next post: graduation and the party time that followed!