You are the sunshine that lights my heart within

Today Natalie and I continued our photo adventures. Since she surprise visited me last night we decided to spread the joy and picked Mrs. Ellis as our next target.

First, was a quick stop at Panera where Natalie proceeded to kill her tea with 7+ packets of joke.
Of course we had to take a picture of the classic "I like you and you're my student, but I dare you to ruin my floors" sign out front. Oh, how we've missed Mrs. Ellis!

It was also great seeing the kiddos in the Biology class. Here's us at our bygone favorite 10th grade test-cramming spot on the stairs. "Femur, radius, ulna, latissimus dorsi...uhhh."

Once class ended, we adopted Mike (some guy with an afro) and drove him to McDonalds.

I don't think there's an explanation for this part of the story, but for some reason Natalie had a bunch of wigs in the back seat of her car. Yep. Unfortunately, Mike's wig...well you couldn't even tell he was wearing one. See?

Mike needed a drink refill so we dared him to go inside with it on. I put on my best granny face as well. And Nat...she stayed true to her snow angel self.

Mike needed an ego boost so we stopped by the Hallmark card section. Congratulations, guys. Really I'm impressed.

And thus the day ended, much like it walking through a gas station? Why not. What great pals.