Oh life, with your colorful surprises

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2006. Remember that day, folks. Because on that day Lydia Jane ceased to exist on the planet we call earth as simply a high school homeschooler, but also as a college student. That's right. I'm now taking Intro to Digital Photography taught by Jon Goell at the Rockville Montgomery College campus.

Yep, you guessed it - this is the post you hope and pray your professor never stumbles upon and thinking "oh my goodness, what a nerd" but I had to post it. Firsts are a big thing to me. I treasure them all up. So anyways, here's a couple pictures of the lab.

My biggest fear about the class was it's 5 hour length, but the time seriously flew by. I mean, who can complain when we each get a Mac and two monitors to ourselves? Oh, I'm going to learn so much I can hardly wait.

* * *

After class, Natalie made a surprise visit to my house. I seriously love this kid. She brings joy wherever she joys. Strawbee, thanks for making me smile so hard I look ill in all the pictures.

She gets up
then she goes outside

She don't know what she does
But it feels alright

She says I
I'm a sunny girl
Yeah I'm feeling good
And it's a shiny world

She feels good
She feels great today
When I asked she said
"Hey, it's the Happy Club way"

(last 2 photo credits: mike, mommy)