Lauren & Emily

Two of my dearest friends had birthday parties this past weekend. First was Lauren love's. Most definitely the funniest surprise party I've ever been to. I can honestly say we were the ones who were surprised when she came in. We had no idea she was at the house already so when she came in we were all just talking and eating. Oh yes, and Danny was on his cell-phone...just standing there.

The birthday girl. I'm glad she still had fun. We all felt awful for basically doing nothing to surprise her. I think out of pity/awkwardness I started to sing "Happy Birthday." I can't believe she's friends with any of us.

So it couldn't top the "surprise", but MadGab was pretty hilarious too. Boy vs. Girls and it was looooud. I'll give the guys offical credit right now - they did very well and beat us.

* * *

Alrighty, party #2! Dearest Emily! She had a lovely and sucessful non-surprise party.

Okay, yes, attack of the right-sided images. Oh well, I rather liked them. And that's the birthday girl, Aimee, and James' non-blurred face.

Our game time consisted of spoons - with real spoons. So fun! Above is Natalie, my deck of cards model. You are special. It was fun. Cool beans. Psshya. (Like my series of vague annoying expressions?)

And then of couse, my turtle Courtney. I still laugh when I think of you and Caitlin and your iPod. I love you.

So, yes! That was part of my weekend! The rest of my weekend just might follow quite soon...and let me tell you better start preparing now. My brother and I blew up my gingerbread house and you're gonna see all the goods minus the awful smell and loud neighorhood comments. Be excited. Farewell.