gotta get'cha head in the game

Oh, winter sports! Middle-school was a time filled with basketball bliss, but alas I have retired from the court and now happily occupy the title as "fan". I like it very much. Fans have a lot of power. They get to try and fail at starting "defense" cheers, give the never reassuring "no pressure" during fowl shots, and of course the classic "c'mon, ref!" when in fact you have no idea what is going on.

So anyways, Marshall madness has swept the court now with both Cara and Ellen playing on the same team varsity taem. Today's game was in fact Ellen's first game back after tearing her ACL. I couldn't stop smiling...or taking pictures.

(a little fellow-fan action. These kids are always much fun to cheer with - and James does usually have his head up. Hah.)

(Okay, but before we close - who could forget Kristen's hard fought fight with #11...just to see. Preeeecious.)

Here's to another championship banner, girls! Go Cougars!