The Land of Forests and Lakes

Last Wednesday, Kristen and I went to the Lakeforest "maul" in search of an adventure. The real adventure happened when we both got sick from the food there (notice my lack of food court images), but this post will reflect on the happy things we experienced such as the discovery of Buccaneer's hit single "Now There Goes the Neighborhood" in the best dollar store ever, Dollar Ocean! What excellence!

(look what we found messing around downstairs! Julie goof, glad we were able to see each other for a short bit. How was Happy Feet?)

(oh, and look at who else I found! Sarah, I am SO glad I got to see you while you were home on break. I miss you a whole lot.)


Kristen Leigh- Thanks for being one of my most favorite people in this whole wonderful world. (That's terrible English, but it incorporated a Louis reference so I had to do it. Grins.) Really, I don't know what I would do without you! Who would I tell all my awkward stories and useless information to? A diary? "Nooooot smart!"

Ladybug - Thanks for being a Snyder that likes me most of the time. :) I hope you enjoyed your 75 cent ride.