A wintery blanket of wonderland has fallen upon Maryland today! 14 inches was the official count for my area. I must admit, I adore snow. Cold, wind, ice? Not so much. But snow! How can anyone hate snow? However, from what I'm reading online, many of you do. ;) So, as consolation, I'm posting a cozy fall wedding today. This wedding was in fact my last wedding of 2013. It took place at the award winning venue Sundara just outside Roanoke, Virginia. If you're a fan of juicy red apples, beautiful typography, glittery details, gorgeous flowers, golden sunsets, and lots of moonshine then this wedding should be right up your alley! ;) So, grab a cup of hot cocoa and a blanket and enjoy Ann-Michael and Martin's wedding!

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[ Many thanks to Rachel for her much needed assistance this day! ]