Happy Monday, friends!

Well, you've certainly been busy this weekend! The 7 Years Giveaway had a total of 564 entries in just 2.5 days! Thank you! I loved getting tagged in all your tweets + instagrams. Not to mention, you made an Andy Warhol of Pinterest! My jaw honestly dropped. Thank you for entering and sharing. 

But I'll stop teasing you all. I know what you're really here for! Late last night I used Rafflecopter's random winner generator (powered by Random.org) aaaand…..

Ange, looks like your important role in starting my career earned you some serious karma! I couldn't believe my eyes when Rafflecopter pulled up your name. Congrats, my friend!! For those who don't remember, Angela was my very first official bride. So, I think this giveaway was successful indeed. :)

To those not named Ange Bowers, chin up! I'll be hosting an even larger giveaway after New Years for the launch of my new website. In the meantime, "7 Years" will continue tomorrow with Year 2010. I hope to see you then!

xx Lydia