Mr. and Mrs. Linehan (Annapolis, MD)

I'm a fan of adventure. It's a good thing too because it certainly seems to follow me around. As I type this I'm 39000 feet above the ground flying to the beautiful London, England. It sounds wonderful now, but 24 hours ago it was quite the nightmare. My flight from Baltimore, MD was delayed due to a storm in Charlotte, NC and so by the time I got there (just 10 minutes after my flight to London was scheduled to depart mind you) it had left without us. My, my, my. I then proceeded to stand in line for 2 hours to schedule a new flight which ironically lead me right back to Maryland before my flight today. Haha, so in the end I pretty much just spent an entire day sitting on a plane and standing in the Charlotte Airport.

But, what really matter is that I'm on my way now and I'm very excited. Going through all that silliness reminded me of what I'm really doing all this for and that's to shoot two incredible weddings with incredible people in an incredible place. Yeah, I can't complain about that. :)

Speeeaking of weddings, here's one a shot a couple weeks ago! Many thanks to the lovely Ica for assisting me. Enjoy.