She's I'm Kristen

Happy Springtime to you all! I am awfully happy to see this season arrive. Every drive in my car is like a mini inspiration adventure looking at all the green freshness. I'm always scouting for new locations for shoots, whether I realize it or not. I'll catch myself slowing down and staring at some field before remembering I'm driving and shouldn't stop in the middle of the road with cars behind me. Haha oops.
But sometimes those little stops really do pay off! Yesterday my bestie Kristen and I wandered down a road for a random photoshoot at a location I had recently noticed. That location turned out to be somebody's yard...or so we think. It was pretty awkward. So, we backtracked and ended up at a place both of us had scouted before but never had the chance to shoot at. We were both dying to shoot again! It's been a longer winter and we couldn't wait to break out the summer dresses. So, here's Kristen. :)