new look

So, Lydia Jane Photography just got a makeover!
Haha don't be sweet and pretend you liked the other one - I know it was awful.
And, while this one may not be the Rolls Royce of blog layouts you have to love the photo of Jeremy and Angela, my first official bride and groom. :) I love them so much and their wedding will always hold a very dear place in my heart.

In other news, I'm shooting my first destination wedding in almost 3 weeks!

(pc: andrew & carissa)
Andrew and Carissa are such a lovely couple and I can't WAIT to photograph their wedding in San Diego. Conveniently enough, the wedding is the weekend before my spring break at college, so I'm going to be rocking the West Coast the whole week! I'll stay the weekend in San Diego for the wedding, then visit friends in LA, and then fly to AZ before coming home. :) I will be very sure to update many times that week to let you guys see what I'm up to.

Hope you're all doing well! Comment and let me know if you like the new layout/colors/etc.