Thank you, Jesus

Since summer ended God has done nothing but bless me. Yes, college has been different, challenging and sometimes strange, but I can honestly say I am so thankful for the season that I'm in right now. I love working hard during the week, falling more in love with my Savior at care group, and making memories with my friends on the weekends. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to take a step back from life and just focus on learning. As much as I miss photography and having something fancy to post on this blog every day, God has me some where else for now and he's meeting me so much through it so I know it's His will.

So in honor of Thanksgiving Day I wanted to write a post of all the things (just since summer ended!) that I'm grateful for...and a couple that have been around since before summer. :)

Dear Lord, thank you for the admin team. I've written about them before, but thanks for allowing me to be apart of a crazy, creative, hilarious, and really inspiring and selfless team of singles. Especially since school started up again, this team has been such a reminder of where my heart needs to be: focused on God and on serving others. I'm so grateful for them!!

Thank you for my care group. Thank you for Andree and Becca. Thank you for how we're the only CG who sits together every meeting and tries to see how many CG activities we can fit in one week (corn maze, har par set up, dinner before cg, wendy's after the one mtg, girls sleepover, ahh!) just so we can see each other again. Lord, you've put me in the best one. Thank you.

oh, and thank you for Dronkey :)
Thank you for two things checked off my "dream list" since summer ended: a surprise party and "meet [b]ecker and Jessica Claire". I didn't expect either would ever happen, especially the latter! My word, thank you!

Thank you for my party that couldn't jump at the right time :D
And oh, the trip to NYC all together!

Lord Jesus, finally, thank you for my friends. I'm still amazed you've given me so many Christian friends who encourage me, laugh with (and at!) me, and inspire me to be more like you. I want to befriend those who are lost on campus and share your gospel so much more because I want them to get to know the amazing friends you've given me! Thank you.

Thank you for Sylvie and the bestest times we have when she comes home from school every month.
Thank you for the friend(s) who try and avoid my pictures. ;)And the one(s) who aren't even paying attention that make me smile even more. :)

Thank you for the ones I never see unless perchance I happen to be driving past them!!! (Michael, the odds of us noticing each other on the So much fun)
Thank you for the best friends, the ones that make me scream with joy and crumble with laughter.

And thank you for High School Musical...which bring out the best in us? ;)

Thank you for the ones that scare me with their strangeness...
...and wow me with their talent

Thank you for the little things at school that keep me making Jim faces :)
or coming home and playing The Office solitaire
And thank you for Mom and Dad and Mikey and for my last year in this house. Thank you for Denit Estates Dr. and everything that's so exciting about building a house and moving. Thanks for Morning and Evening and the book of Matthew and all the other ways you've been meeting me in scripture. Thank you for prayer and for dying to save me. Why would you do that? It's almost too good to be true. I'll never understand your love for me but meanwhile I can say: thank you.