Worthy '07 \\ post2

When I graduated high school I was excited about everything ahead of me except that I had to leave my fellow high schoolers behind. Everybody says "I'll visit!" but how do you visit when you have a full load of college on your back? So, I made it my goal to still "visit". When serving on Admin presented itself, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to still fellowship with my younger friends while also helping the ministry and having a busy college life. I have learned so much from Dave and the other admin members! I've watched them serve joyfully and wholeheartedly even under heaps of pressure! I'm sooo blessed to serve alongside them. Guys, thanks for challenging me creatively, helping me to think others focused, and for making me laugh so hard my stomach hurts the next day. I love you guys!

Now for my second post of Worthy '07 photos. Here are some shots from the arrival at the Sandy Cove retreat center and worship, one of my favorite parts of the conference. My word, worship was great this year!! But that's nothing new, God meets us so powerfully each and every year. One thing was new this year: it was rainy and cloudy ALL week. In my 3 years (yes I can do math, the 1 year at the church doesn't count!) of coming to Sandy Cove it's never been this way - and nobody could remember it being like that before then. This is a shot of the ocean and sky. I seriously had to squint to see the horizon line - it just looked like one big sheet of slate.

As much as I missed the sun, I certainly did not miss it when it came to portraits of the "kids." Cloudy weather is my favorite to shoot in and boy, was I in heaven the first day! So I'll quit all this narrating and let you see for yourself...here are the pix.