my portfolios

I'm updating!!! Wow! And so much has changed since my last post. I'VE GRADUATED! I'll never go to high school ever again! Isn't that crazy? I can't believe it. I've also changed my layout! Haha, not nearly as exciting as the whole graduating part but still whoohoo worthy, yes?

Anyways, I'm super busy with happy graduation parties and other such events but I am determined to catch you all up picture-wise with my life. So, here is the promised "2 portfolios" post. The below images are part of the reason I didn't update consistently at all during the school year. Sooo busy.

Here are a few of my AP Studio Art drawings. These were all included in the portfolio I sent to the AP judges (some in person, others by slide). It was an awesome experience being in that art class. I had become so very accustomed to photography that it really stretched my mind and helped me grow in lots of areas to do some real hands on art. I loved it.

And now my MC photography portfolio. I mounted 8 photos of mine that fit the categories for the final portfolio (quality of light, landscape, portrait, still life, motion, and three personal choices in black in white or color). They went along very well with my professor and the two guest critics so I was super encouraged. They even asked to keep 4 of the 8 to use as examples for classes later or even to possibly show in the student gallery. How exciting!

up next: YOUR CHOICE. Would you rather see New Attitude photos or school/graduation party shots? (I didn't take any of the graduation ones, so I wouldn't normally post them however I could make a special exception due to the once-in-a-lifetime-ness of the event!)