spring break surprises

Oh yesterday! Yesterday was by far my favorite day in April thus far. Why now? Oh my, because of everything, dear reader! Yesterday, or Tuesday, started out pretty badly actually. I slept in by accident and had to rush off to MC early to get a new ID card before my 5 hour photography class inside a stuffy lab. But as soon as class ended I received a call from Sylvie asking if I was going to the church to help take down the Godspell set.

I told her I would stop by for a little bit and try and pick up a souvenir or two, but I had much homework so I couldn't stay....hah. :D

Upon arriving to the church I claimed the "Lost and Found" sign (yay!) and proceeded to help DJ, Mrs. Mays, and the other stage managers divide all the parts of the set among the cast. However! most of the cast wasn't there soooo...Sylvie had the bright idea to go on a series of surprise visit to the cast members houses and drop off their piece of the set to keep. We decided on the 2 closest cast member's houses who wanted big items: Bryce (a ladder) and Brett (a set of wheels). So Sylvie, Brittany K, and I packed all the junk into Sylvie's van and vvvvroooom! we headed off!

But not before a quick photoshoot of course. :D

* * *

First stop: the Hoover's house.

Here we talked and laughed with Bryce and Kristin about everything from good hair days to scholarships. It was so nice crash and of course sign in and out of the guestbook. ;)

Next stop: The Jansens

This stop wasn't as smooth. We just happened to crash a candle-lit dinner they were having with out of town guests BUT because it's the Jansens they insisted on feeding us a delicious dinner and dessert. They have to be just about the most generous people ever, I'm serious.

So yeah, excuses to visit friends and free meals? It was heavenly. The evening didn't end there either. I dropped off a ladder at the Maresco's house and had a great time talking with Mr. and Mrs. Maresco and James about Sr. Superlatives, Godspell, golf, you name it.

Sooo, moral of the story? Watch out, you could be next. ;D Oh wait, I do have homework to do sometime this week...