Godspell. (set four)

Last weekend part of the Godspell cast took a trip to Goodwill and Lakeforest Mall in search of costumes for the play (that opens in 5 weeks!!). The church let us use one of the buses and and the lovely Christy Hickman lead the adventure.

( above photo credit: stephen bosdosh)

"Um guys, where's the men's section?"
"That is the men's section, silly"

The boys were very unimpressed. In fact, none of us could find anything applicable for a play. (Yes, I just used the word applicable.) Brittany did find a classy white oxford that belonged to a giant though. Like really, the sleeve went about 2 more feet to the right of this picture.

Stephen couldn't find anything "classy" enough for his costume so he went across the room and posed for this inspirational shot. Mmm. I should make a poster out of it and give it to a doctor's office? No?

And thus we concluded our time at Goodwill and went to the mall where we were the girls actually found some pretty good stuff at Forever 21. I can't wait for you guys to see this show. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have.