Last week we put up our happy Christmas tree. His name is Marty :) Anyways, I tried to have a party, but that didn't exactly turn out as I planned. Ah well, some fairly familiar faces on this blog did stop by so I'm posting pictures of them to remind them how cool my "party" really was.

I really do love Christmas. Every one is so happy, yet I can't imagine ever having a reason to be so if I wasn't a Christian. Imagine finding your joy in "Santa coming to town." Wow. Thank you so very much God for your Son, Jesus!

(^photo credit: mikey boy)

(^our happy slug of a tree. He was so cute he even qualified for a little Windows Paint action.)

(^Kate sharing with Courtney one of our favorite past times: Reading the Lord's Prayer in Creol. Kate does a quality accent.)

(^One of my favorites parts of the night: Teaching Kate how to blow a bubble! Look at the toothless excitement on my face!)

(^Yeah, this wouldn't seem to fit the whole Christmas picture theme, but it was later that night when Mike, JD, and I played around with laser pointers in our basement. Look at them trying to keep a straight face.)