A wintery blanket of wonderland has fallen upon Maryland today! 14 inches was the official count for my area. I must admit, I adore snow. Cold, wind, ice? Not so much. But snow! How can anyone hate snow? However, from what I'm reading online, many of you do. ;) So, as consolation, I'm posting a cozy fall wedding today. This wedding was in fact my last wedding of 2013. It took place at the award winning venue Sundara just outside Roanoke, Virginia. If you're a fan of juicy red apples, beautiful typography, glittery details, gorgeous flowers, golden sunsets, and lots of moonshine then this wedding should be right up your alley! ;) So, grab a cup of hot cocoa and a blanket and enjoy Ann-Michael and Martin's wedding!

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[ Many thanks to Rachel for her much needed assistance this day! ] 


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It's a wonderfully snowy day here in Maryland! Since I already work from home I was hoping for a blizzard so that I could be extra snowed in. It's looking like just a few inches this time (booo) but it's still the perfect excuse for an extra cup of coffee and a new blog post! Today's wedding took place just before Halloween at The Inn at Roop's Mill in Westminster, MD. October is my favorite month and I'm happy to see it get more wedding attention in recent years. My Septembers and Octobers book faster than my May and Junes now! Anyways, Miss Ellie second shot and helped me close out this, my last wedding of the year! Enjoy and leave a comment if you're staying inside and cozy this afternoon. 

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